I was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My first experience with clay was getting my boots stuck in the gumbo during the spring thaw. I hated mud, so it is ironic that I developed a passion for working with clay. Clay captured me like the boot stuck in the gumbo, and after 30 years the rapture continues. From my first class over 30 years ago and throughout my life as a potter, I still find myself designing pots as I fall asleep at night. I enjoy the physicality of clay and pushing it to its limits. My eclectic style can be explained by the synergies that evolve from traveling, teaching, creating, exhibiting and having a curious nature.
I come from a family of makers. Though clay is my chosen medium, I delight in combining it with other materials. Not limited by tradition, my inspiration comes from nature and industry, usually resulting in works on the edge of function. This seems to be a reflection of this segment my life where I divide my time between Burnaby and the Nicola Valley. I have the best of both worlds. The serene setting at my Stump Lake studio is conducive for creating ‘one of a kind’ pieces and I am rewarded by motivating and inspiring others through my work at the Shadbolt Centre of the Arts.